Eye Care Tips – How to Improve Your Eye Health and Reduce Eye Problems With Nutrition and Aerobics

December 18th, 2013

Accept it or not, you can assume a dynamic part in your eye mind and help decrease or dispose of vision issues basically by consuming admirably and getting some oxygen consuming work out. You may not require any kind of eye surgery in the event that you’re simply eager to give it an attempt.

Your vision-fitness might be just on a par with the fuel you accommodate your eyes and the effectiveness of the muscles and organs that circle blood to them. To accomplish greatest vision-fitness, you have to consume nourishments that upgrade your vision and to keep all the form’s major muscle aggregations toned for ideal blood stream and conveyance of supplements.

The most straightforward thing you can do deal with your eyes is to wash your face completely every time before you head off to rest. It is basic to do thus, in light of the fact that the skin around your eyes is amazingly thin and delicate, so it is not simple for hurtful components to accumulate there and hurt your eyes. In the event that you need to diminish the swelling around your eyes, wash just with cool water each and every time. In the event that you don’t wash each night, you could arouse one day with swollen eyes or with an insufficient visual perception. Our forms battle microscopic organisms each second of each day, and we need to help them anyway we can.

While exploring the impacts of nourishment and practice on vision-fitness, one clinical study subjected a few specialists and some different volunteers to numerous trials. The outcomes profoundly recommend that you can screen your seeing/looking fitness dependent upon the sort of sustenance you consume and the degree of high-impact practice you perform.

Here’s an affirmation from one of the trial members:
“For a week I had limited my consuming to rice, vegetables, a little parcel of fish or chicken, crisp products of the soil, yogurt, and bread. I stroll to work every day, and I recognized that through my vision-fitness lenses (83.6 percent), i could see objects, signs, and autos a considerable measure clearer. On the ninth day of the analysis, I halted at a quick sustenance put. In the wake of devouring fried eggs and a move, I proceeded the stroll to my office. Inside twenty minutes, I could scarcely transparent my diminished force lenses. I might appraise my vision-fitness dropped to 70 percent. This experience persuaded me that what I consume influences my looking.”

You are most likely recently tired of perusing about the extent to which you have to drink no less than 2 liters of water each and every day. That being said, you have most likely acknowledged it at this point, however water is the most vital component for your physique. Nothing in your physique can capacity assuming that it doesn’t have water, so drink no less than 2 liters of it for the duration of the day. Not all in a solitary swallow, yet drink no less than 6 or 8 glasses from morning to nighttime. The correct hydration can help your eyes more than you can even start to envision. So kindly help yourself out and drink the fitting measure of water.

Your eyes are staggering deeds of bio-designing, however they do need to rest sometimes. Assuming that you need to utilize the Pc a ton, take no less than 5 minutes of rest for each hour used before the screen. Only sit with your eyes shut a touch and unwind for a spell. It will help you a considerable measure. Assuming that you listen to these eye mind tips you can keep your vision and your eye magnificence for an exceptionally long time.

Good Herbs for Eye Health Unearthed

November 19th, 2013

Eyes are the single most important among the 5 senses. Eyes are considered as the gateway to one’s soul. Good eyes care and also eyes health is crucial for retaining the vision and thus overall better health. Sight is regarded as the the almost all cherished senses. Eyes serve us to see the world, observe nature, appreciate art and encounter dear ones. Without eye sight the own life is completely dark.

Good eyesight is a highly important part of well-being as well as an essential factor for preserving quality of life as well as independence as a man or woman gets older. A good imaginative and prescient vision plays a part in a healthier athletic ability, better studying, driving skills, top quality of life and also advanced understanding.

Disorders that you’ve got with the eyes are generally traced to a weakness within the status of the liver. Therefore numerous Chinese herbs for eye which at the same time nourish the liver.

Chinese herbs can help eliminate blurred vision, heighten night vision, slow down the development of glaucoma and cataracts and help keep the eyes robust.

On the next paragraphs, I have put together several Chinese herbs of which are beneficial for the eyes. They are not designed to be administered as medications but as supplement for retaining good eye health.

Physical activity and exercise is enormously important for overall eyes health. Staying fit and being active also reduces risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, that can affect one’s eyes. Without good eyes care, the health of other parts of the body is likely to suffer. Hence, taking proper care of the eyes is very important. Opting for herbs for eyes health is always a wise choice. Let us see the best herbs for better eyes health.

This fantastic natural herb came from China. Apart from being used to nourish silkworms, this unique plant is beneficial to human too.

Sang Ye encompasses several minerals and extracts, such as carotenoids, flavonoids, amino acids, beta-carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C plus they are full of dietary fiber. With all these nutrients packaged, Sang Ye is genuinely a valuable friend for encouraging excellent eye health. Anyway, you can now get south beach smoke discount here.

Based upon ‘Acupuncture Today’, folks in India and China have been using mulberry leaf to quell fire in the liver which is manifested as reddish, painful and watery eyes. Sang Ye likewise help to better fuzzy vision, gets rid of headaches and alleviates dizziness.

Saturate a handful of dried mulberry leaf along with ju hua in a glass of hot water and savor as a tea to relieve allergic eyes and strengthen your eyesight.


Eye Health Improvement Through Exercise

October 6th, 2013

Vision problems are incredibly common complaints. Poor lighting, constant watching the computer screens and other strains help cause people suffering from imperfect vision. Obviously, vision problems are not new problems and there have been innumerable people who have tried to explain why vision degrades. Many of these a lot of people have also tried to create methods by which consumers could improve their vision and assist in preventing further worsening of their vision. A popular approach is eye exercises, especially those created by William Horatio Bates in the delayed 1800′s.

The human body has some impressive self healing features built-in. Regardless of how your body is hurt as well as worn, it will always do it’s best to cure itself. This inbuilt system can be built upon by sitting down to correctly, exercising etc. A portion of our body that is often neglected, without getting very attention, are our eyes. Their health too can be upgraded by proper use and exercise regularly.

Since we use our eye all day long, we seldom stop to think that we would need to DO something with them so as to keep them in great shape. We spend amount of time exercising and caring for a great many other parts of our body, so why ought to the eyes be an exeption.

One of the Bates eye exercise routines meant to reduce strain was referred to as “palming”. Through this process patients were encouraged to close their sight for several minutes and take it easy. By covering the eyes with the palms of their hands, without pressing, the relaxation was deepened and the pressure released. Bates believed that any of the natural colors or lights experienced when a person closed his eyes was caused by eye strain. He believed that if the patient was truly relaxed he would see intense blackness and strain would disappear. A stone-age human being, whose biological and genetic composition would be in most aspects identical to our own, would probably have spent a large portion of the day using soft, or peripheral vision, looking into the distance and viewing birds, trees, mountains, cloud formations, stars, animals to hunt etc. Although we have come very far technologically, man (and woman) is still basically the same “machine” he was thousands of years ago.

In modern society we can naturally not be expected to live and act like people of the stone-age, but it is still factual that lots of close vision work like reading, if done incorrectly, over time greatly reduces our ability to see distant objects. Now wonder then that nearsightedness, or myopia, have become more of a rule than an exception.

Most people just accept this condition as the inevitable process of aging, and think that it can only be remedied by wearing corrective lenses or undergoing laser surgery. [Both of which are quite expensive remedies.]

Another of the Bates eye exercises that was meant to improve vision was visualization. By visualizing blackness, Bates asserted, a patient could improve not only his imagination but his actual vision as well.

Advancements in Laser Eye Surgery

September 19th, 2013

When you thought LASIK was all there is to Laser Eye Surgery, you would be surprised to see the variety that there is. It’s which includes roses. For us lay men, a rose is a rose. Only a rose aficionado advise you the dissimilarity between Musk, Hybrid Tea and Knock out varieties of roses.

Laser Eye Surgery involves the accustomed to lasers to reshape your cornea (outer crystal clear surface of your eye) and correct errors in ideas like nearsightedness, farsightedness astigmatism and in the coming years or even months presbyopia too. In nearsighted people, the steep cornea is flattened using laser while a steeper cornea is created. In astigmatism, the irregular surface of your cornea is smoothened out.

You must will you your homework when choosing a doctor to run on your the majority precious organs; your eyes! The surgeon’s preference determines whatever technology is used. Understand about lasik eye surgery or other remedies for vision difficulties. In this laser surgery, the laser infrared rays burn the tissue which might be around the eye’s cornea. Based on the FDA, virtually 95% coming from all patients become successful.
It is very important do you your homework when choosing a buy pain killers doctor to are powered by your most precious organs; your eyes! The surgeon’s preference determines what technology is needed. Understand concerning lasik eye surgery and other remedies for perspective difficulties. In this laser surgery, the laser infrared rays burn the tissue which can be around the eye’s cornea. In line with the FDA, nearly 95% of all individuals have success.
Meanwhile, middle get older individuals may experience the progres of give attention to the natural lens in the eyes, and encounter presbyopia. Certain highly authority as well as experienced doctors are adept in handling eye procedures and laser surgeries. Just like any surgery there are risks concerned. Due to this shape, the light converges just in front of the retina which creates a blurred, out of focus graphic at a distance. Now, it demonstrates to be the most effective and also healthy modes to treat your eyeballs.
In overseas, there might be other requirements that one must abide by in order to practice optometry. See what kind of advice their trained surgeons and trained Lasik staff can furnish you on the procedures and which one will give you your desired results dependent on your individual needs. This hinged flap is then backed out of the way, to ensure that another laser can use ultraviolet light to remove the tiny bits of tissue from your cornea to influence it. Laser surgery will cost about USD $1500 at the least in addition to $3500 at the most so watch out for added expenses after surgical procedures by a doctor charging less. The first factor is related to the kind of laser eye surgery.

However, middle get older patients have suffered from the progres of focus on the natural lens in the eyes, and encounter presbyopia. Some highly expert and experienced doctors are adept in managing eye surgeries and laser procedures. Just like any surgery there are risks needed. Due to this shape, the light converges just in front of the retina which creates a blurred, out of focus image at a distance. Now, it shows to be the most effective and healthy modes to treat your eyeballs.
In other countries, there may be other requirements that one must abide by in order to practice optometry. See what kind of advice their trained surgeons and trained Lasik staff can provide you on the procedures and even which one will give you your desired results based on your own private needs. This hinged flap is then backed out of the way, so that another laserlight can use ultraviolet light to eliminate the tiny bits of tissue from your cornea to reshape it. Laser surgery will surely cost concerning USD $1500 at the least as well as $3500 at the almost all so look out for added expenses after surgery by a doctor charging significantly less. The first factor is related to the type of laser eye surgery.

Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK) was the first Laser Eye Surgery, owning been designed in the 1980s. In PRK, an excimer laser (a type of UV laser) is directly used to remove bits of tissue from your cornea to reshape it. Though PRK is better suited for slender corneas and people with risk of corneal flap dislocation than LASIK, it involves more healing period.

Laser Assisted In situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is the most popular of all laser eye surgeries, having almost become synonymous with the words laser eye surgery. In LASIK, a microkeratome or a surgical blade is used to cut a flap in your cornea and then an excimer laser is used to reshape your cornea as required. In LASIK, the discomfort after the procedure is greatly minimized.

Reasons to Quit Smoking for Eye Health

September 6th, 2013

Doctors and health professionals around the globe, have the unanimous conclusion that smoking causes or links to dozens of harmful and life-threatening health conditions. In some way in a world of “no’s” to smoking, cigarettes still appear. Well if you needed perhaps one more reason to kick the habit, we have one for you. Except for the usual consciousness of the dangers of smoking on the cardiovascular, respiratory systems, and cancer, cigarettes also have a negative impact on eye health. Require help with reasons to kick the habit? Several, but here are just a few related to eye health.  We have all heard or seen the surgeon general’s warning about smoking: it causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy. But fewer people know that it also plays a significant, negative role in eye health.

Recent studies have pointed to smoking as a contributor to age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in persons 65 and older. Smokers also have a three-times greater risk of developing cataracts. If you want to look young forever, it is very important that you will not overlook to apply lexapro no rx some of your time to care for your eyes. It is additionally critical to learn how to properly raise together with have a tendency to this delicate area. Listed below are some tips that you need to remember on how to correctly care for your eyes:

Handle Your Eyes With Care

You need to treat the area surrounding your eyes gently. Consistent rubbing, tugging (a lot of women do this when they apply eyeliner), stretching and mishandling can be the grounds for the formation of the fine lines you are worrying about. Keep in mind that as you age, your skin loses elasticity and manufactures less collagen. Just for this, your eyes will surely sag and droop, especially if you are fund of pulling your skin together with rubbing it.

Shield Your Eyes From The Sun

As mentioned sooner, UV rays from the sun may be harmful to your skin simply because it contributes to loss of elasticity and damages collagen fibers. What exactly do you need to do to protect your eyes from the sun? Always wear sunglasses with UV protection each and every time you go out during the day. Stop going outdoors from 10AM to 3PM, when the sun is at its brightest. Last but not least, check out a sunscreen that is formulated for the sensitive skin around your eyes.

quit smoking

Just like sun damage, smoking is poor not only in the area all over your eyes, and also for your entire skin, not to mention your health. Smokers often have wrinkles, even when they are young, simply because this habit causes the blood vessels underneath the skin to block or narrow. Since smokers squint more, probably because of the fumes they emit, they also include the habit to have crow’s feet on their eyes and wrinkles around their lips.

The chemicals in cigarette smoke get into the bloodstream, cause clots, and shrink blood vessels. The retina uses a major supply of blood to help us see clearly. When the retinal receptors lack a proper flow of blood, damage occurs that directly affects eyesight. This constriction of blood vessels also raises inner eye pressure, resulting in glaucoma and deterioration of the optic nerve.


The Eye Care

August 23rd, 2013

Life without eyes will be unexciting as well as dark. Only darkness will reign in a life which is devoid of eyes. Taking care of eyes is a significant matter that requires a proactive way of advance in the eye care plans. Absolutely everyone wants to have a clear and strong vision where everything looks razor sharp and crystal clear. To sustain focus and for proper care of the eyes, it is important to undergo regular checkups, from an expert and experienced optometrist. It will help to remain updated with the current state of the eye care as well as provide necessary steps to counter the potential conditions and health problem. Usually, experts recommend to check out optometrist and in case of any discomfort or deviation from the normal condition, you have to bring it to the notice of the doctor for a timely treatment and diagnosis of the problem. For patients struggling with other diseases, like hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure, it is vital to keep a normal check on the condition of their eyes, as these diseases can make the eyes more susceptible to diseases. Lutein is considered as an antioxidant, that protects the cells against the damage caused by naturally occurring chemicals such as free radicals, from the sun’s UV rays. Free radicals can impair the immune system, resulting in various infectious and degenerative diseases. Damage to the sensitive tissue of the macula, that is present in the center of the retina, that can lead to loss of vision, is known as macular degeneration. Free radical damage is one of the main causes of this condition and lutein proves to be effective against it.

Lutein acts as a natural eye shade, and protects the retina from being directly exposed to the harmful light coming from the sun. It increases the density of the macular pigment, that is, the layer of protective tissue that is present over the macula. This pigment strengthens the eye’s vital structures and reinforces its protective capability. It helps in filtering the harmful blue light and the UV light and thus protects against macular degeneration caused by free radicals.

Lutein is also important for protection against cataracts, which commonly occurs with age. The condition is characterized by clouding of the natural lens, causing blurred or decreased vision. Lutein helps to strengthen the cells of the lens, and improve vision.

Eye floaters are bits of debris, within the vitreous humor, which is the clear and transparent material that fills the eyeball. Eye floaters can be accompanied by flashes of light and restriction in the visual field.

Out of the six senses we are fortunate with, it is going to be argued that sight is indeed our most worthy! Our eyes quite actually guide us by means of the world, play a big role in our decision-making process, and influence other critical features – like our brains. However, when it comes to taking good care of them, and keeping them safe, it’s by no means at the forefront of our minds. We just don’t always care for them like we must always. To make matters worse, taking protection measures to care of our eyes is sort of very important to our future optical health. Here are some helpful tips to keep your eyes versatile and healthy for a long time to come.

Just about the most important things to note when considering what’s best for your eyes is try your best not to touch them. Almost all eye infections come from physical contact with the bacteria from our hands. If you’re using eye drops, you also do not want to let the tip of the dropper touch your eyeballs. Always wash your hands so that if you do need to touch your eyes, you reduce the risk of spreading bad germs.

A Healthy Eyes Secret

August 8th, 2013

Eye is one of the five most significance senses of our body. It is regarded as the window of the soul. Being the most sensitive organs of our body we have to take the incentive care of it. Since it helps us view the tremendous world it also works as a mirror to the show the glimpse of the sign of some diseases. It is not only the eye-related disease such as cataract and glaucoma but also assist doctors to diagnose the disease like diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular symptoms. As sometimes before the diseases’ symptoms appear, there visualizes the sign of these diseases in or around the eyes. Since it is the most fragile thing of the body we should provide extra care of it.

As the facts suggest that the materialistic world carries a heavy stress on our shoulder with the result that our eyes feel tired and sore on the end of the day. It turns to be more suffocative and hectic when the summer season approaches. Consequently we need to follow some significant and essential things to keep our eyes healthy. The basic fact in this concern is that we should regularly get our eyes checked by the eye specialist. Remember that using incorrect lenses or the glasses can adversely lead to the poor eye vision and headache too. If you feel problem even after wearing your glasses or using the contact lances you require to consult the doctors. Not all the contact lenses are beneficial, correct or protective for your eyes so http://www.health.gov/ there should be a frequent visit to the doctors in this concern.

If you feel something wrong with your eyes, it would be necessary to go and ask for the aid of an optometrist immediately. They say prevention is better than cure so don’t let that simple eye irritation turn in to a serious problem that would soon affect your eyesight. The good news is that there are not any foods which affect your eyes. But of course eat the nutrients, minerals and vitamins comprised food. The studies have shown that there would be less chance of age-related conditions like macular degeneration and the development of cataracts if a person consumes the vitamins of antioxidant group that helps slow down the chances of these diseases. Sitting in front of the computer and working on the screen for a long time also causes dryness of your eyes as we during working on it blink 25% less than the requirement of our healthy eyes.

An optometrist is the type of eye doctor that can check eye problems, give cure and medications and recommend the patient to an eye specialist if it needs medical or surgical operation. An optometrist has also received a degree and is qualified to conduct an eye check up and treat minor eye or vision impairment but they can’t conduct operation and other major medical procedure.

A person especially when getting old will certainly have problem with his or her eye sight. Thus, an optometrist is a great help to check if there is an illness that occur to the eye and can give an appropriate treatment.



Tips to Choose a Diet for Healthy Eyes

August 1st, 2013

You’ve probably heard that carrots and other orange-colored fruits and vegetables promote eye health and protect vision, and it’s true: Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A that gives these foods their orange hue, helps the retina and other parts of the eye to function smoothly. But eating your way to good eyesight isn’t only about beta-carotene. Though their connection to vision isn’t as well-known, several other vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy eyes. Make these five foods a staple of your diet to keep your peepers in tip-top shape. Consuming orange food is the right thing you need to do for keeping the healthy of eyes. There are some options of foods that you can consume for your needs such as peaches, oranges, apricots, mangoes, carrots and other which have orange color. In fact, those kinds of food contain some ingredients which are called as lutein and zeaxanthin. Those are really practical to circulate your blood through the system including your eyes so you can keep them in a good way. Besides, those are used as antioxidants which are functioned to fight free radical.

Then, you need to take the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids that you can get from salmon, tuna and sardines. Omega-3 fatty acids will help you in building cell walls. Also, those will help your eyes to produce more tears so you can prevent your eyes from dryness. In this case, they can be said as a good help for you. It can be concluded that you are advised to consume a variety of food because they are really helpful to keep the healthy of your eyes. Besides, you can run your program of diet in a good way and it is really beneficial for you. Studies show that consuming a higher dose of certain nutrients such as lycopene, lutein and Omega 3 fatty acids could help to lower the risk of developing macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in the United States, by up to 25 percent. Certain foods have more of these beneficial nutrients than others. Leafy greens like kale, spinach and collard greens are high in lutein and other antioxidants. The American Optometric Association has reported that these nutrients act like “internal sunglasses,” and can filter out the sun’s harmful blue waves. Another super food to help maintain canada drugstores online eye health is apricots. This fruit is a good source of carotene and lycopene. These are carotenoids that promote good vision. The Macular Degeneration Association reports that beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A within the body and helps to resist damage to the eyes cells and tissues. Some eye problems are more serious and cannot be reversed or prevented. Eating healthy won’t correct you vision, but most vision problems can be corrected with the help of LASIK eye surgery. Many people in Utah are having their vision improved with a simple LASIK eye surgery. If you are considering having your vision corrected, visit a LASIK eye surgery clinic in Utah to get your eyes seeing 20/20 again.

Eye Health Tips

July 17th, 2013

Sometimes all it takes is a little effort to get started on a programme to enhance eye health, and while not all eye problems can be prevented, you can invest the time and effort weekly to pamper your eyes for optimal results.  Practice the habits of eye health and you will be pleased knowing that you kept at bay many of the common incidences of vision problems that occur with earnest as we get older.

Distress on your eyes can be brought about by looking through full-strength eyeglass or contact lenses prescriptions. The strength of the distance-viewing prescription may be too strong for close work. Seventy percent of the time, a lens prescription is designed for looking at a far distance, which produces distress while looking at a closer distance. It’s not so much that things look blurry up close, but you experience discomfort, a feeling of tiredness, or even sleepiness while reading, doing computer work, and other close-distance looking. This may also occur if you have 20/20 vision without contact lenses.

Environmental changes are affecting our eyesight and creating a reduction in our vision fitness.. There has been an insidious slow movement to the point where over 100 million people in the United States now require eyeglasses or cheap contact lenses for nearsightedness. Your brain and eyes have had to adjust from far looking to concentrating on schoolwork and office tasks. Nearsightedness is a perfect adaptation. You maintain high vision-fitness up close at the expense of clarity at intermediate or far distances.

Physicians will also tell you that the single most import step to caring for your eyes is having your eyes tested regularly every two years, or every year if you wear eye glasses or contact lenses.

While these recommendations are extremely valuable and important to eye care, how you take care of your eyes daily with home care, using natural remedies, is priceless.

You might think your vision is fine or that your eyes are healthy, but visiting your eye care professional for a comprehensive dilated eye exam is the only way to really be sure. When it comes to common vision problems, some people don’t realize they could see better with glasses or contact lenses. In addition, many common eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and age-related macular degeneration often have no warning signs. A dilated eye exam is the only way to detect these diseases in their early stages.

During a comprehensive dilated eye exam, your eye care professional places drops in your eyes to dilate, or widen, the pupil to allow more light to enter the eye the same way an open door lets more light into a dark room. This enables your eye care professional to get a good look at the back of the eyes and examine them for any signs of damage or disease. Your eye care professional is the only one who can determine if your eyes are healthy and if you’re seeing your best.

What Is Astigmatism?

June 20th, 2013

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that’s easily corrected by eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery.

Astigmatism is caused by an eye that is not completely round. This is one type of refractive error. Astigmatism occurs in nearly everybody to some degree. For vision problems due to astigmatism, glasses, contact lenses, and even vision correction procedures are all possible treatment options.

A person’s eye is naturally shaped like a sphere. Under normal circumstances, when light enters the eye, it refracts, or bends, evenly, creating a clear view of the object. However, the eye of a person with astigmatism is shaped more like a football or the back of a spoon. For this person, when light enters the eye it is refracted more in one direction than the other, allowing only part of the object to be in focus at one time. Objects at any distance can appear blurry and wavy.  Astigmatism may occur in children and adults; it is fairly common and is not contagious. It is usually congenital – is present at birth – but can develop after an eye operation or an injury to the eye. It belongs to a group of  eye conditions called refractive errors. Myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness) and presbyopia (aging of the lens in the eye) are types of refractive errors.

The symptoms of astigmatism

Here are the most common symptoms of astigmatism:

  • Having blurred or distorted vision regardless of whether the things you are looking at is near or far.
  • Sensitivity to light also known as photophobia.
  • When a person has to focus on things for a long period of time, like focusing on a computer monitor or reading a book, strain in the eyes is felt.
  • Experiencing headaches after focusing on things after a certain period of time.
  • Squinting excessively in order to see or focus on something.

Astigmatism is a defect in the shape of an individual’s internal lens that causes an ill effect in the eye’s ability to focus on the planes of vision. What this means is both the horizontal and vertical lines of sight are blurred when not being focused on, resulting in the inability to see the world clearly at any point. It is often accompanied by a certain degree of far-sighted, or near-sightedness, which is a alteration in the shape of the eye itself.

Lenses made just for the correction of astigmatism must be able augment the vision through the eye by fixing both distorted planes. The magnification the contacts bring the focus of the eye to is a center point between near and far. This means the actual refined image the wearer sees is the object upon which they are focusing.